31 May / 2018

Powerful Casino Systems

I find to be a very powerful system it works very well you know and as far as you know like your limits a lot of times people are comfortable you know betting like a lot of lower limit players will stop at about $50 right where you know think if you know $50 is considered big in if it’s a big hand to you it’s a big hand you so what you know a lot of times what people will do they you know they get up to $50 and then they just start flat betting at 50s like if that’s what you’re comfortable with then that’s fine as long as once you’re done once you lose then you drop down but personally I just keep going and going and going until I’m like into betting you know thousands or 2,000 or 3,000 but you know that’s all that’s all personal preference there and no yeah that’s that’s how you bet in blackjack hey guys. Learn more about bets and betting systems at  CasinoSlots.

I wanted to go into some mistakes to avoid at the blackjack table there are a few there it’s not as daunting as you may think it is it’s you know not really a whole lot of you know things that you need to avoid but I wanted to touch up on the basic ones here we’ve got to you know like a wide set of circumstances where a lot of people you know will kind of do the wrong thing in a case here you got the player here with 15 one of the bigger big mistakes is that players will get a little too passive with their hands I could say 14 15 16 you know even when the dealer’s it doesn’t matter what the dealer’s showing they’re just you know afraid that they’re going to bust so they’re not even going to bother yeah that’s kind of that’s not really a good way that you’d want to play because generally with the deal showing you know a good card like say like this 9 he’s going to make a hand more often than he’s not going to make a hand so by you know just deciding you know okay.

I’m not going to I’m not going to hit my 15 you know in the long run you’re gonna end up costing yourself a lot of money you know so like you know you know the case here he hit but you know it’s like any he ends up over 21 but at least he gave himself a shot against the nine as opposed to just kind of like being a sitting duck with a 15 a lot of times another thing players will do too is uh hello be a little too petty like they’ll be a little too aggressive with their of their hand we’re you know player will have like a soft 14 versus a nine and he’ll do something like he’ll just want to double down on it because he just wants to get more money out which like that never works out very well because you know any hand where you can’t make at least a 20 that’s generally that’s generally night hand.

2 Feb / 2018

Skill or Luck

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work” – Harry Golden

There is an ever-going debate about whether backgammon is a game of skill or luck. The truth is that this game relies on the element of luck, but the most important factor of the game is not luck but strategy.

The Barr Trial

When the police arrested and charged the well-known backgammon tournament director and writer Ted Barr, with promoting gambling after he arranged a backgammon tournament, he decided to show that this game is not about gambling. Gambling is defined as risking something of value, like money, upon the outcome of a contest of chance. Barr wanted to show that backgammon, just like chess or bridge, is a game of pure skill and that the luck element has a small roll in this game.

Barr point was that the roll of the dice in the game aren’t as important as the roll of strategy and planning. The backgammon experts that Barr brought to the court showed how the player has as many as 30 or more options to play, even after the rolling of the dice, and this was the essence of the game.
The judge at this trial agreed and found Barr innocent of promoting gambling.


We cannot agree more with the result of the Barr trial. People who know the game and love it will have hard time to admit that backgammon has a strong element of chance in it. Of course that rolling the dice makes a difference and the better your luck the bigger are your chances to win, but there is so much more to backgammon then just rolling the dice and racing your checkers around the board.

Understanding the probabilities of dice rolls can improve your play by giving you the option to assess the risks of certain moves and it’ll help your strategic game, but if you don’t know how to play in specific situations and if you won’t move your checkers to the right places, your luck won’t bring you anywhere.

Thanks for reading this article, We hope, you have learned something new. We really enjoy sharing my passion with us. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Have you ever found yourself sitting at the bar with strangers wanting to make conversation and just not sure what to say? Ever wanted to be like the guy in the movies who knew how to impress every stranger he met. Keep a deck of cards in your pocket and you can be that guy! You will have new friends and a pocket stuffed with numbers wherever you go!

Trick 1: The magically returning card.

Step 1: Shuffle and cut the deck. Ask the viewer to help you out so that they are confident that you did not stack the deck.

Step 2: Here is the trick, it is all in the slight of hand. One must slide the top two cards off the deck, making it look like you have just taken the top card off the deck. Keeping the cards together, so it looks like you only have one card in your hand. Show the viewer the “card” you flipped, this is the bottom of the two cards.

Step 3: Return the cards to the top of the deck. Have the viewer take the top card and place it anywhere in the deck. Then magically tap the card that is now at the top of the deck. Voilà! This is the card that they saw and “stuck back in the deck.”

Trick 2: I can read your mind!

Step 1: Shuffle and cut the deck. Ask the viewer to help you out so that they are confident that you did not stack the deck.

Step 2: After the final shuffle one must notice the card at the bottom of the deck. Do this while you are talking up your magical abilities; make sure the viewer does not see this card or see you looking at it. With the cards face down in a stack, thumb through the cards. Ask the viewer to tell you when to stop.

Step 3: Here is the trick! Pull the cards towards you when they ask you to stop, slyly pull out the bottom card. Make sure this card lands at the bottom of the top half of the cut deck. Do this without looking at the cards. Show the top half of the cut deck to the viewer. Tell them what the card they see is! They will be guessing how you did it for days.

Trick 3: Pick a card, any card! 

Step 1) Shuffle the deck. With the cards face down, spread the cards in a fan. Ask the viewer to choose a card.

Step 2) Ask the viewer to stare at the card and to try very hard to remember the card they chose. Ask them to picture it in their mind’s eye.

Step 3) Here is the trick. While they are staring at the card, cut the deck. Slyly take note of the card at the bottom of the top half of the deck. Ask them to place the card between the two cut halves.

Step 4) Flip the deck and fan-out the cards (face up). The card lying on top of the card you noted is their card. Try hard to look like you are searching the deck, looking for the card they chose, using your magic abilities. Then pick out their card.

Remember two important tips.

To do these tricks effectively you must practice a lot. They key is mastering small hand movements. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time.

Be charismatic and funny, doing card tricks is all about distraction, a laughing person will never be able to see the trick coming.

Casino for many people is a game of luck, attitude and karma. If you think you are lucky enough to win a game against a dealer that is well-trained, then go for it. You need to know that for a house to stay in business for a while, they need to win in the end. Players eventually lose. However, there should be lucky gamers who need to go to a casino, for example my favorite one is casinoslots.co.nz. Indeed, who would patronize the industry if everyone loses.

You need to be optimistic as well. Law of attraction, they say, helps you attract victories. But from the start, if you are already negative about winning then don’t dare proceed with the game.

One of the popular games in a casino is Roulette. Derived from its name, it has a little wheel wherein players place their bets on a single or range of numbers, red or black and choose whether it is odd or even. The wheel spins and in the opposite direction the ball rolls. Since the wheel is a tilted track, the ball eventually loses thrust and falls into one colored number pockets on the wheel.

To win this game, players want to measure their luck with mathematical precision. But guess what, casinos already know about this. They consider these systems that are sold online or being taught to avid games a bogus mathematical trick. Casino have put their own system to ensure that this deceit will not work. So, what works?

If mastering roulette is your goal, then look pass math and into science. These two may be related but of course differ in approaches. The science governing roulette is simple. You already know that the game involves both spinning wheel and ball, ball bounce and gravity. Physics it is. The knowledge about this reveals how gamblers win.

Think like a Physicist

Knowing the principles of physics and experiments on an actual wheel, it will help you overcome the odds against roulette players.

Know the Precise Location of the Ball

Knowing the exact location of the ball allows you to have the key in winning roulette. Take note of the relative speeds of the ball and the wheel as well when the croupier sets the ball in motion and releases the ball. Beating the odds significantly is easy when you are familiar of the initial conditions.

Mount a digital camera above the wheel 

The digital camera above the wheel obtains the same data and provides better predictions. This increases the chances of beating the house further.

Be familiar of classical mechanics

High School calculus and physics provide equations to build the path the ball will take once it is released on the spinning wheel. Use the timing from when the ball is released until it passes a fixed point on the frame supporting the wheel. Knowing this, you can bet on a combination of numbers because you can predict which part of the wheel the ball will settle.

Use computerized assistance

With an actual roulette computer, it helps you beat more wheels. Just make sure that the casino where you decide to play allows this method.

It sounds that simple, don’t complicate things. If you believe you have the luck in gambling, then good for you. But a wheel, circular as it is, could turn your chances around. Play smart. It is always the good game in the long run. Take a sophisticated pleasure in the casinos. If you already know how to spot the predisposition in wheels, understand which are worth playing and keep discrete with your scientific knowledge, you can not only know how to master roulette, but you will go out of the casinos with huge pockets. Indeed, it is possible to win roulette using science.

I find your game very unique, what was your inspiration?

I had a number of inspirations for Dungeon Hearts.

  1. I don’t really like puzzle games, so as a game designer it’s a fun challenge to take something you don’t like and put your own spin on it. Moving outside of our comfort zone is how we grow and improve our craft. I thought it would be fun to get rid of the turn-based nature of most puzzle games and make it feel more like an action game.
  2. Being a big fan of JRPGs, of course I’ve always wanted to make one of my own. But as the artist/designer/programmer of Cube Roots, it would take me a long time to create one from scratch, so I decided to take my favorite parts and get rid of everything else. First and foremost I play most RPGs for their battle systems, so I wanted to design one that had a more active element than simply pressing Attack repeatedly. Story is important to RPGs as well of course, so I wanted to see if I could hide a story in the game without showing it explicitly, and see if anyone could decipher it.
  3. The Japanese gaming studio Sting (now Super Sting I think). They make a series of games called The Dept Heaven Series, my favorites of these being Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare. Both games combine systems from different genres in an interesting way. The both have steep learning curves, but once you get over that they are fun systems to explore.

Was this the first time you guys created a game, or did you used to work on other games/companies

Dungeon Hearts is my first full indie game, although I’ve worked at a number of larger studios over the years. It’s the experience I gained working in the mainstream industry that allowed me to create this game. I’ve also made a number of prototypes of other games before settling on Dungeon Hearts (such as TIMESCALE and Gaia) that I’d like to go back to.

Interview with the developer

(Thank you for spending some time answering my curiosities sir!)

Was it hard to put it all to reality and if so, what were some of the roadblocks or challenges?

Coming up with the system Dungeon Hearts shipped with was definitely a challenge, and required a lot of prototyping. When I started, I knew I wanted to take the basic concept of the match-3, but add in a system that allows for a deep and flexible combo system. The details changed a lot over the course of the project, I created and discarded lots of prototypes and experiments. At some point I should break out those old projects and do an in-depth examination of how the systems developed. I definitely did not succeed in everything I set out to do (there are still some control issues that need to be tweaked), and there seems to be a sharp divide between players who get it and are interested in exploring non-traditional systems, and those who expected a more traditional, casual experience and did not like the game at all.

What do you hope to bring to the community with this game?

I hope to bring an interesting mix of systems that people have fun exploring. I think it is too easy to get locked into specific genres with all the rules and preconceptions that go along with it. I do not really have any interest in creating a pretty game that plays like other games and is ultimately forgettable. I would rather have a game that is known for its interesting visuals and gameplay at the cost of alienating some players who are looking for a more traditional experience.

Stay alert for the final part of this review and the second part of the interview with the developer! I, personally, find it super inspirational and interesting to read!

I had never been so stressed over a matching game in my life, I was actually trying not to panic as each new higher level threw in new runes that benefit the enemies. I constantly had to learn what each new rune symbols meant and how to destroy or avoid them. Of course, thanks to the game’s bestiary it helped mea lot, sadly I only found out way later that it also had runes on it.

Those who are new to the game, >:O study this! it will help you plan your strategies and help keep your heroes alive. It also taught me how to destroy certain enemy runes.

Difficult?! Never give up! Never surrender!!

(Update: There is now an Easy mode! though try normal first to see how you fair. The post below applies to normal mode)

When I was researching this game, I found quite a number of reviewers rating it down. When I really looked into why that was so, I realized it was because they were simply not used to this kind of game. Now, the game IS pretty unique so it is understandable. However, they all agreed that it is a wonderful idea, wonderful blend, and even meshed together well, but they also thought it was too difficult to the point of it making the fun meter for them turn to 0. We can’t scoff them or judge them though because everyone has a different tolerance level, and everyone has different preferences. Some like the challenge of mastering things that causes them to wanna pimp slap people, while others would rather play a game with a relaxing atmosphere. I actually found myself trying again and again even though I kept losing at the first boss (I am so not ready for hard mode), even now, I am basing the review over my own personal capabilities as well as other people’s experiences. How well you yourself will do in the game, is entirely on you. I really do encourage you however, to try the game, who knows, you may be a Dungeon Heart GENIUS!!! 😀

Expect more things to get implemented 🙂

The developer told me that there will be, in fact, more contents to come 🙂 so let’s look forward to that!

Final Verdict

If you want to challenge yourself and fancy yourself as an awesome strategist, I really encourage you to play this game. Even if you’re a casual player, I would still recommend this game because it really makes you work your brain. this might even be too easy for some and they might thrive in the hard mode. Good thing about the game is that it randomly generates new battle sequences so you never know what new challenges you gotta rambo through. Dungeon Heart is a unique idea that was put into reality pretty well in my opinion. From the cute art style to the Stay on your toes gameplay, I think this is truly one heck of a brain worker game.

30 May / 2017

To The Moon Game Review

An RPG enriched with a story that will hook you in while accompanied by beautiful soundtrack. If you’re into story driven games and are a fan of the classic JRPGs such as: Chrono Trigger, Lunar, old Final Fantasy series, etc., this is a must play!

To The Moon

An Indie RPG Review Developed By: Freebird Games

To The Moon

Shoutout of Gratitude: Being the poor college student, I was not able to afford the game so I had it on my wishlist. I was surprised when I found this game in my gift section 3 days later from one of my readers! 🙂 Thank you Riven! *hug*

What got me interested: Those of you who were already RPG gamers during late 80s to early and late 90s might be able to relate with me when I say that presently, there are not many RPGs  that are on par with the RPGs back in the day of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Lunar, Legend of Legaia, Final Fantasy Series (before they tried too hard), Legend of the Dragoon, Man! I can keep going. I have actually stopped hunting for RPGs for a long long time, of course, I occasionally find good ones, but still, I miss the days where I would not stop playing until I finish the game because I am so captivated by the story and I just HAVE to know what happens next until I reach the end! AKA Hermit Mode which basically means I do not sleep, I will only get out of my room to eat and for bathroom breaks, then keep telling myself I will shower after an hour only to find out it is already the next day (do not judge me you all are gamers, you went through this!). My point is, I have not been hermit mode over an RPG in a long time and since it made my childhood awesome, it makes me sad. So when I saw this game and read the description, the strong curiosity I felt sparked something in my heart again.

30 May / 2017

Cart Life Game Review

(Scientific) Funny fact: Green is the least strenuous color for our eyes. In the spectrum, our eyes can perceive green the easiest (spectral sensitivity) which is why if your eyes are strained from reading, looking at green for a bit before reading again will help. Green also soothes the eyes if you are tired. This is why my eReaders page color is a shade of green because I have this problem. We did a cool experiment in class for this 😀


Aw man, this game has one the catchiest soundtracks. I feel like my brain got trained well by this one. Whenever I see a picture of Cart Life, any picture, even if it is not one of my screenshots, my brain starts playing the retro music of the game. Heck depending on the in-game location of the picture, my brain even switches tracks to play the right song. You may wonder what the heck I am talking about, well it is like this, every street pretty much has its own soundtrack. Let me tell you they are all catchy. My head is currently playing the songs as I write this whole review.

Playable Characters to Choose From

2 Characters in free version, 3 if you purchase the game. Each character had to deal with the adversities in their personal stories

I feel like this game just kept surprising me. I really did not expect the game to have playable characters that we can choose from, let alone having each of them with their own backstories. I thought we would customize our character then go about our money making ways. Each person’s backstory were stories that you would hear from everyday people. One is an immigrant trying to start a new life in another country, the other one is a struggling mother who’s trying to balance being a mom while going through a rough divorce. Their stories are stories that many people had to face everyday. It may not be glamorous, it may even be depressing, but I appreciate it because it is real.