30 May / 2017

Cart Life Game Review

(Scientific) Funny fact: Green is the least strenuous color for our eyes. In the spectrum, our eyes can perceive green the easiest (spectral sensitivity) which is why if your eyes are strained from reading, looking at green for a bit before reading again will help. Green also soothes the eyes if you are tired. This is why my eReaders page color is a shade of green because I have this problem. We did a cool experiment in class for this 😀


Aw man, this game has one the catchiest soundtracks. I feel like my brain got trained well by this one. Whenever I see a picture of Cart Life, any picture, even if it is not one of my screenshots, my brain starts playing the retro music of the game. Heck depending on the in-game location of the picture, my brain even switches tracks to play the right song. You may wonder what the heck I am talking about, well it is like this, every street pretty much has its own soundtrack. Let me tell you they are all catchy. My head is currently playing the songs as I write this whole review.

Playable Characters to Choose From

2 Characters in free version, 3 if you purchase the game. Each character had to deal with the adversities in their personal stories

I feel like this game just kept surprising me. I really did not expect the game to have playable characters that we can choose from, let alone having each of them with their own backstories. I thought we would customize our character then go about our money making ways. Each person’s backstory were stories that you would hear from everyday people. One is an immigrant trying to start a new life in another country, the other one is a struggling mother who’s trying to balance being a mom while going through a rough divorce. Their stories are stories that many people had to face everyday. It may not be glamorous, it may even be depressing, but I appreciate it because it is real.