Have you ever found yourself sitting at the bar with strangers wanting to make conversation and just not sure what to say? Ever wanted to be like the guy in the movies who knew how to impress every stranger he met. Keep a deck of cards in your pocket and you can be that guy! You will have new friends and a pocket stuffed with numbers wherever you go!

Trick 1: The magically returning card.

Step 1: Shuffle and cut the deck. Ask the viewer to help you out so that they are confident that you did not stack the deck.

Step 2: Here is the trick, it is all in the slight of hand. One must slide the top two cards off the deck, making it look like you have just taken the top card off the deck. Keeping the cards together, so it looks like you only have one card in your hand. Show the viewer the “card” you flipped, this is the bottom of the two cards.

Step 3: Return the cards to the top of the deck. Have the viewer take the top card and place it anywhere in the deck. Then magically tap the card that is now at the top of the deck. Voilà! This is the card that they saw and “stuck back in the deck.”

Trick 2: I can read your mind!

Step 1: Shuffle and cut the deck. Ask the viewer to help you out so that they are confident that you did not stack the deck.

Step 2: After the final shuffle one must notice the card at the bottom of the deck. Do this while you are talking up your magical abilities; make sure the viewer does not see this card or see you looking at it. With the cards face down in a stack, thumb through the cards. Ask the viewer to tell you when to stop.

Step 3: Here is the trick! Pull the cards towards you when they ask you to stop, slyly pull out the bottom card. Make sure this card lands at the bottom of the top half of the cut deck. Do this without looking at the cards. Show the top half of the cut deck to the viewer. Tell them what the card they see is! They will be guessing how you did it for days.

Trick 3: Pick a card, any card! 

Step 1) Shuffle the deck. With the cards face down, spread the cards in a fan. Ask the viewer to choose a card.

Step 2) Ask the viewer to stare at the card and to try very hard to remember the card they chose. Ask them to picture it in their mind’s eye.

Step 3) Here is the trick. While they are staring at the card, cut the deck. Slyly take note of the card at the bottom of the top half of the deck. Ask them to place the card between the two cut halves.

Step 4) Flip the deck and fan-out the cards (face up). The card lying on top of the card you noted is their card. Try hard to look like you are searching the deck, looking for the card they chose, using your magic abilities. Then pick out their card.

Remember two important tips.

To do these tricks effectively you must practice a lot. They key is mastering small hand movements. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time.

Be charismatic and funny, doing card tricks is all about distraction, a laughing person will never be able to see the trick coming.

Casino for many people is a game of luck, attitude and karma. If you think you are lucky enough to win a game against a dealer that is well-trained, then go for it. You need to know that for a house to stay in business for a while, they need to win in the end. Players eventually lose. However, there should be lucky gamers who need to go to a casino or to play online casino games. Indeed, who would patronize the industry if everyone loses.

You need to be optimistic as well. Law of attraction, they say, helps you attract victories. But from the start, if you are already negative about winning then don’t dare proceed with the game.

One of the popular games in a casino is Roulette. Derived from its name, it has a little wheel wherein players place their bets on a single or range of numbers, red or black and choose whether it is odd or even. The wheel spins and in the opposite direction the ball rolls. Since the wheel is a tilted track, the ball eventually loses thrust and falls into one colored number pockets on the wheel.

To win this game, players want to measure their luck with mathematical precision. But guess what, casinos already know about this. They consider these systems that are sold online or being taught to avid games a bogus mathematical trick. Casino have put their own system to ensure that this deceit will not work. So, what works?

If mastering roulette is your goal, then look pass math and into science. These two may be related but of course differ in approaches. The science governing roulette is simple. You already know that the game involves both spinning wheel and ball, ball bounce and gravity. Physics it is. The knowledge about this reveals how gamblers win.

Think like a Physicist

Knowing the principles of physics and experiments on an actual wheel, it will help you overcome the odds against roulette players.

Know the Precise Location of the Ball

Knowing the exact location of the ball allows you to have the key in winning roulette. Take note of the relative speeds of the ball and the wheel as well when the croupier sets the ball in motion and releases the ball. Beating the odds significantly is easy when you are familiar of the initial conditions.

Mount a digital camera above the wheel 

The digital camera above the wheel obtains the same data and provides better predictions. This increases the chances of beating the house further.

Be familiar of classical mechanics

High School calculus and physics provide equations to build the path the ball will take once it is released on the spinning wheel. Use the timing from when the ball is released until it passes a fixed point on the frame supporting the wheel. Knowing this, you can bet on a combination of numbers because you can predict which part of the wheel the ball will settle.

Use computerized assistance

With an actual roulette computer, it helps you beat more wheels. Just make sure that the casino where you decide to play allows this method.

It sounds that simple, don’t complicate things. If you believe you have the luck in gambling, then good for you. But a wheel, circular as it is, could turn your chances around. Play smart. It is always the good game in the long run. Take a sophisticated pleasure in the casinos. If you already know how to spot the predisposition in wheels, understand which are worth playing and keep discrete with your scientific knowledge, you can not only know how to master roulette, but you will go out of the casinos with huge pockets. Indeed, it is possible to win roulette using science.