2 Feb / 2018

Skill or Luck

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work” – Harry Golden

There is an ever-going debate about whether backgammon is a game of skill or luck. The truth is that this game relies on the element of luck, but the most important factor of the game is not luck but strategy.

The Barr Trial

When the police arrested and charged the well-known backgammon tournament director and writer Ted Barr, with promoting gambling after he arranged a backgammon tournament, he decided to show that this game is not about gambling. Gambling is defined as risking something of value, like money, upon the outcome of a contest of chance. Barr wanted to show that backgammon, just like chess or bridge, is a game of pure skill and that the luck element has a small roll in this game.

Barr point was that the roll of the dice in the game aren’t as important as the roll of strategy and planning. The backgammon experts that Barr brought to the court showed how the player has as many as 30 or more options to play, even after the rolling of the dice, and this was the essence of the game.
The judge at this trial agreed and found Barr innocent of promoting gambling.


We cannot agree more with the result of the Barr trial. People who know the game and love it will have hard time to admit that backgammon has a strong element of chance in it. Of course that rolling the dice makes a difference and the better your luck the bigger are your chances to win, but there is so much more to backgammon then just rolling the dice and racing your checkers around the board.

Understanding the probabilities of dice rolls can improve your play by giving you the option to assess the risks of certain moves and it’ll help your strategic game, but if you don’t know how to play in specific situations and if you won’t move your checkers to the right places, your luck won’t bring you anywhere.

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