30 May / 2017

Dungeon Heart Game Review Part 1

I had never been so stressed over a matching game in my life, I was actually trying not to panic as each new higher level threw in new runes that benefit the enemies. I constantly had to learn what each new rune symbols meant and how to destroy or avoid them. Of course, thanks to the game’s bestiary it helped mea lot, sadly I only found out way later that it also had runes on it.

Those who are new to the game, >:O study this! it will help you plan your strategies and help keep your heroes alive. It also taught me how to destroy certain enemy runes.

Difficult?! Never give up! Never surrender!!

(Update: There is now an Easy mode! though try normal first to see how you fair. The post below applies to normal mode)

When I was researching this game, I found quite a number of reviewers rating it down. When I really looked into why that was so, I realized it was because they were simply not used to this kind of game. Now, the game IS pretty unique so it is understandable. However, they all agreed that it is a wonderful idea, wonderful blend, and even meshed together well, but they also thought it was too difficult to the point of it making the fun meter for them turn to 0. We can’t scoff them or judge them though because everyone has a different tolerance level, and everyone has different preferences. Some like the challenge of mastering things that causes them to wanna pimp slap people, while others would rather play a game with a relaxing atmosphere. I actually found myself trying again and again even though I kept losing at the first boss (I am so not ready for hard mode), even now, I am basing the review over my own personal capabilities as well as other people’s experiences. How well you yourself will do in the game, is entirely on you. I really do encourage you however, to try the game, who knows, you may be a Dungeon Heart GENIUS!!! 😀

Expect more things to get implemented 🙂

The developer told me that there will be, in fact, more contents to come 🙂 so let’s look forward to that!

Final Verdict

If you want to challenge yourself and fancy yourself as an awesome strategist, I really encourage you to play this game. Even if you’re a casual player, I would still recommend this game because it really makes you work your brain. this might even be too easy for some and they might thrive in the hard mode. Good thing about the game is that it randomly generates new battle sequences so you never know what new challenges you gotta rambo through. Dungeon Heart is a unique idea that was put into reality pretty well in my opinion. From the cute art style to the Stay on your toes gameplay, I think this is truly one heck of a brain worker game.