30 May / 2017

Dungeon Heart Game Review Part 2

Interview with the developer

(Thank you for spending some time answering my curiosities sir!)

Was it hard to put it all to reality and if so, what were some of the roadblocks or challenges?

Coming up with the system Dungeon Hearts shipped with was definitely a challenge, and required a lot of prototyping. When I started, I knew I wanted to take the basic concept of the match-3, but add in a system that allows for a deep and flexible combo system. The details changed a lot over the course of the project, I created and discarded lots of prototypes and experiments. At some point I should break out those old projects and do an in-depth examination of how the systems developed. I definitely did not succeed in everything I set out to do (there are still some control issues that need to be tweaked), and there seems to be a sharp divide between players who get it and are interested in exploring non-traditional systems, and those who expected a more traditional, casual experience and did not like the game at all.

What do you hope to bring to the community with this game?

I hope to bring an interesting mix of systems that people have fun exploring. I think it is too easy to get locked into specific genres with all the rules and preconceptions that go along with it. I do not really have any interest in creating a pretty game that plays like other games and is ultimately forgettable. I would rather have a game that is known for its interesting visuals and gameplay at the cost of alienating some players who are looking for a more traditional experience.

Stay alert for the final part of this review and the second part of the interview with the developer! I, personally, find it super inspirational and interesting to read!