30 May / 2017

To The Moon Game Review

An RPG enriched with a story that will hook you in while accompanied by beautiful soundtrack. If you’re into story driven games and are a fan of the classic JRPGs such as: Chrono Trigger, Lunar, old Final Fantasy series, etc., this is a must play!

To The Moon

An Indie RPG Review Developed By: Freebird Games

To The Moon

Shoutout of Gratitude: Being the poor college student, I was not able to afford the game so I had it on my wishlist. I was surprised when I found this game in my gift section 3 days later from one of my readers! 🙂 Thank you Riven! *hug*

What got me interested: Those of you who were already RPG gamers during late 80s to early and late 90s might be able to relate with me when I say that presently, there are not many RPGs  that are on par with the RPGs back in the day of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Lunar, Legend of Legaia, Final Fantasy Series (before they tried too hard), Legend of the Dragoon, Man! I can keep going. I have actually stopped hunting for RPGs for a long long time, of course, I occasionally find good ones, but still, I miss the days where I would not stop playing until I finish the game because I am so captivated by the story and I just HAVE to know what happens next until I reach the end! AKA Hermit Mode which basically means I do not sleep, I will only get out of my room to eat and for bathroom breaks, then keep telling myself I will shower after an hour only to find out it is already the next day (do not judge me you all are gamers, you went through this!). My point is, I have not been hermit mode over an RPG in a long time and since it made my childhood awesome, it makes me sad. So when I saw this game and read the description, the strong curiosity I felt sparked something in my heart again.